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    €28.69 TACA01

    Personalized  plate  for dog, little dogs and puppies. With bones and paws drawings.

    Available in two different sizes: small (20 x 10 cm.) or big ( 29 x 15 cm.).

    Horizonal positioning.

    You can choose the text, the colors and the fixing methods.

    Hand finished and hand assembled in Italy.

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    Plexiglass Name Plate

    €24.59 NP001

    Personalized Name Plate  made of plexiglass. You can choose the color of the name among a wide range of colorful plexiglass.

    Glitter, mirror, metal or glossy plexiglass.

    Transparent frosted plexiglass for support.

    The dimensions differ according to the name length.

    Fixing kit to the wall included.

    Hand finished and hand assembled in Italy.